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Home Theater: State of the art home theaters make watching movies and television better than going out to the theater. With modern HD and Ultra HD projectors, truly life-size screens are possible at home. Theater speakers and subwoofers produce incredibly realistic, room-filling audio. Enjoy cinema chairs so comfortable, you’ll gladly sit in them for hours. Best of all the only cell phone that can ring is yours. You can even control your entire theater from a tablet or smartphone and queue up movies and music instantly. We will work with you to specify the correct projector to ensure a quieter, brighter, and have better picture viewing experience than ever before. Different screen materials meet every need: acoustically transparent to hide speakers, high-gain screens for brightly lit rooms, motorized styles.

Media Rooms: A space to party, relax, and enjoy. What should your dream entertainment space look like? Multiple flat panel TVs showing multiple games at once? A drop-down projection screen? Music queued up at the touch of a button, played through hidden speakers while you shoot some pool? Or all of the above? Media rooms are all about possibilities. From sports and gaming to movies and music, they do it all. However you spend those precious free moments to relax, we can build a media room that’s a perfect fit.