Surveillance Systems

Audio Video Solutions Texas can install CCTV / surveillance systems and other security solutions for homes and businesses. We provides all types of CCTV video surveillance systems to the Dallas area. Security cameras are a valuable tool for the safety of your employees, and your bottom line. CCTV has been shown to act as a powerful deterrent to crime from both inside and outside your organization.

We offer many options to customize a CCTV security system for your business’s unique needs, including visible and hidden cameras, wireless networks, motion detection, and camera controls accessible anywhere in the world right from your computer or smartphone. Call AVSTexas to setup your free consultation 469-371-5651

CCTV Surveillance-Systems Are Reliable and Cost-Effective

With the advent of technology, surveillance systems have undergone revolutionary changes. They are now based on network-based video cameras. These are reliable and cost-effective. With the use of network-based video cameras, forensics are no longer a mystery. Network-based CCTV systems can provide the highest clarity while reducing installation time and costs. Moreover, these systems have become more than just security tools. Forensics is gaining ground due to the high-definition images that they can provide.

Network based video cameras provide the highest degree of clarity

The network-based video camera is an integral part of the CCTV surveillance system. The high-definition resolution of this technology enables high-resolution video recording. This technology is also ideal for surveillance cameras that are installed on high-rise buildings. Its advantages include the flexibility of location, cost, and ease of installation. It is a popular choice for security systems, as it can provide real-time monitoring of any area.

They are reliable

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “are CCTV surveillance systems really reliable?” the answer is undoubtedly yes. There are many advantages to this type of system, including the ability to monitor an entire facility or building from anywhere in the world, 24/7 online access, and remote monitoring. A few other benefits of a CCTV system are outlined below. A CCTV system can prevent liability issues, improve safety, and provide a host of other benefits.

They are becoming a forensic tool

Video recordings captured by CCTV systems can be used as a forensic tool when a crime occurs. Digital video systems allow for the recording of text information associated with images. In the case of digital CCTV, such information is recorded as data records and files linked to the images. The recording of text data is important for law enforcement investigations, but it may hinder the process if the text overlay obscures the image. Moreover, it is essential to protect evidence early in the discovery process.

They are easy to use

Many people may think that CCTV surveillance systems are difficult to operate. In reality, this is not the case. Many CCTV surveillance systems are easy to operate and are extremely effective at deterring potential criminals. Additionally, the video footage from a CCTV camera can be helpful for law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting a crime. In addition, CCTV cameras can detect illegal activities at businesses and prisons.